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Khamenei calls for practical measures to rein in economic woes

Redazione on 11 ottobre 2018 - 17:08 in Primo Piano, Rassegna Esteri

Mehr News Agency – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei called for practical and serious measures to solve the country’s major economic issues, including those related to banking system, employment, inflation and liquidity.

KhameneiThe heads of three branches of government – President Rouhani, Parliament Speaker Larijani, and Judiciary chief Ayatollah Amoli Larijani – met with Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei on Wednesday.

During the meeting, the Leader touched upon the current difficulty in the livelihood of a large section of society, particularly the lower classes, due to inflation that has considerably reduced the people’s purchasing power, and called on members of Supreme Economic Coordination Council to take decisive decisions about the main challenges facing the country’s economy.

The Leader then divided the economic problems into “internal and structural challenges of the country’s economy” and “problems arising from US unjust sanctions”, adding that wise solutions were needed to take on each of these two sections, which could lead to a sustainable improvement in people’s lives and despair of enemies at the ineffectiveness of the sanctions regime.

He further stressed that there is no “dead-end” or “unsolvable” problem in the country, voicing confidence that the Islamic Republic could overcome the current issues imposed by both inside and outside factors.


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