Iran, Russia Vow Continued Cooperation

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Iran – At the end of the their talks at Kremlin palace on Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin attended a joint press conference and underlined expansion of all-out cooperation in various fields.

IranDuring the press conference, President Putin said expansion of Tehran-Moscow cooperation on regional issues help prepare ground for declaring ceasefire in Syria. “Expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Moscow can also play a very significant role in the fight against international terrorism,” Putin said, adding that both countries will make the required coordination to destroy the Wahhabi Daesh and al-Nusra Front in Syria. Russian media promptly reflected the news conference between the two sides’ presidents.

Referring to the two sides’ efforts for the current truce in Syria, he said closer cooperation between Tehran, Moscow and Ankara as initiators to Astana talks between Syrian government and the opposition groups play significant role in achieving peace in the country and this will help Geneva talks.

For his part, president Rouhani, said in the joint press conference that Astana talks which initiated by Iran, Russia and Turkey will be continued. These talks will be continued until the Syrian nation gets their legitimate rights, he said.

Elsewhere in his talks, President Putin said the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia do their best to increase level of their strategic cooperation and their friendly ties with mutual respect. The two governments also try to expand useful relations in other sectors and are fully determined to attain the goal, Putin said.

It was agreed that top officials in Tehran and Moscow to continue extensive political contacts to help broaden scope of mutual cooperation in various fields, Putin said. Iran and Russia will also continue cooperation with the oil producing countries to help stabilize world oil market, said Russian president.

Source: News Agencies

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