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Hariri says to return Lebanon soon

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Mehr News – Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri claims he is not being held captive in Saudi Arabia and will be returning to his country in the next few days. Hariri made the remarks on Sunday during an interview with the Lebanese TV channel Future TV.

He further said that his resignation had been given in the interest of Lebanon, and that the country may be facing Arab sanctions. “I am free here. If I want to travel tomorrow, I will…I will return to Lebanon very soon,” he said, adding that he would return to  Beirut “in two or three days.” Al-Hariri added that would be willing to “rescind the resignation” if intervention in regional conflicts stopped, according to Press TV.

The TV appearance by al-Hariri was filled with bizarre moments. According to AP, at one point during the interview, Hariri’s eyes were wide open, moving to the back of the room as the camera caught a man in the back corner, behind the interviewer, holding what appeared to be a rolled paper.

Earlier in the day, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that al-Hariri is living in “mysterious circumstances” with restricted freedom in Riyadh. The Lebanese president says Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is living in ‘mysterious circumstances’ with restricted freedom in Riyadh.

Al-Hariri announced his resignation on November 4, citing several reasons, including the security situation in Lebanon, for his sudden decision. He also said that he realized a plot being hatched against his life.


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